Friday, July 1, 2011

ELS Word Fair

For the past 2 days (29-30 June 2011), UTAR English Language Society has organised an interesting and fun-filled event known as the Word Fair. This six-level competition was held in several blocks within the campus from 10am until 5pm, where there were different word game in each block.

All the participants were given a card where they had to go from block to block to take part in all the games and collect stamps along the way. And they have the chance to win up to RM200 cash prize. But they have to complete all the challenges in 6 stations to determine whether they are in the running to win the cash prizes of RM200 (1st place), RM100 (2nd place) and RM50 (3rd place). The winners of this competition would be determined based on the total scores obtained from all the 6 stations. Of course, they have to submit their cards first to finalise their scores and claim a special gift for themselves.

Referring back to the card, non-members received an orange card while ELS members a blue one. Why it is different? As members, some students have the privilege to play one round absolutely FREE! After completing their trial round, their cards would be switched to the orange ones and they have to pay RM1, just like non-members, if they wanna play again to improve their scores.

As mentioned above, there were a total of 6 games with 10 minutes allocated for each. Let me briefly explain how each of the games is played:

Block B: Lost & Found
A simple question is given and what a participant needs to do is to search for the letters of the answer to given question within the same block. The letters are pasted everywhere on the walls or any objects around the block (except washrooms and classrooms). The participant has to gather all the letters and returns to the station within 10 minutes. 3 points will be given to the participant whether he/she completes the challenge or not. This game is considered the easiest and the maximum score obtained from this station is 10 points and not more than that.

Block C: What's Next?
In this station, a participant is given a word and he/she has to form a word chain by creating the next word using the last letter of the previous word. This sounds easy, doesn't it? Not as easy as you think. All the words listed have to be in the same category. For this game, the participant is given a choice to choose the level of difficulty: easy and hard. In the easy category, the contestant has to form words either in the animate or inanimate objects. Whereas for the hard one, he/she can choose one of the available categories (countries, colours, occupations/careers, fruits, vegetables, animals). Participants have to list down as many words as possible within 10 minutes and they will receive 3 points for each word if the number of words listed is less than 50 and 4 points if more than 50.

Block D: Eureka! I've Done It!
For this game, what participants are required to do is to randomly draw 7 letters from a box and form as many words as possible. If they are stuck with the 7 letters, they have 3 chances of reshuffle, meaning they can change for another set of letters for 3 times. But the following sets of letters are given by the station masters instead. While participants are forming words, the station masters or helpers will write down the words and calculate the total score for all the words formed by the participants. Most of the letters are given 1 point while some letters are either 2 or 3 points.

Block E: Mix Us! (shifted to Block D on 2nd day)
The way this word game is played it that it is almost similar as the previous game, that is forming as many words as they can. But the only differences are that the participants are given a set of 7-letter word and they can only reshuffle once. The scoring system is also the same as the previous game.

Block G: Zebra Crossing
This is actually a game of crossword puzzle. Participants can select which crossword puzzle they want to solve and try their best to fill in the puzzle with as many words as possible, based to the hints given. The number of correct answers will be the score.

Block H: Fun Search
Basically, the game available in this station is word search. A list of words from different categories are given to the participants, which they have to search for those words as much as they can in a sea of words printed on small pieces of paper provided. There are different themes for this word search e.g transportations, occupations, friendship, musical instruments etc. And according to the station masters, there are 2 different themes available for every hour. The score obtained from this game is the number of words that participants could find within the allocated time.

My own personal experiences
Well, as for myself, I find that the Word Fair is very challenging indeed, but yet I really enjoyed it very much. I managed to complete 2 rounds during the 2-day competition. As mentioned earlier, I played the first round FOC as I'm an ELS member. And I forked out an extra RM9 for additional round as I wanna improve my scores.

For the trial round, I managed to obtain a total of 445 points, the highest being 189 from the 3rd game. I decided to play for another time since I have the chance to play for another 3 rounds. But I have to pay, which I don't really mind anyway. I managed to improve my total score this time, especially in 3rd, 4th and 6th game. I don't know what's my total score, but it definitely has improved a lot.

The scores for each station varies. There are 3 key stations in the competition - What's Next?, Eureka! I've Done It! and Mix Us! - where participants can score very high marks, which they could score more than 100 points.

There's one participant who scores over 400 in the What's Next? game. Wow! That's really impressive! I played the game thrice (easy twice, hard one) and the maximum I could get is 102. I think the reason I couldn't score higher marks is that I face difficulties in finding the next appropriate words to continue the word chain. For the hard level, I chose the Countries category and most of the countries I've listed began and ended with the letter A.

As for Mix Us!, I learnt that one participant managed to score over 400 (401 to be exact). Well, I scored over 100 for both my attempts in the game (131 for first time, 186 for second). Then, for Eureka! I've Done It!, I scored 189 in the first time I played and almost doubled my score (325) in the second. Well, I received some help from others while playing this time.

For the remaining three games, the maximum scoretthat participants can obtain from each station does not exceed 50. Lost & Found offers the least points among all the 6 games, 10 points is the maximum. Due to the low score, I learnt that not much students would drop by Block B to walk around the block searching for letters. As for Zebra Crossing, the score obtained is the number of correct answers in the crossword puzzle, in which I believe the limit is 20.

Fun Search is the word game I've played the most throughout the whole competition. I played for a total of 4 times and attempted 4 categories, namely transportations, friendship, musical instruments and Happy New Year! There is one time I managed to locate all the given words. which is the theme of friendship, for a maximum score of 30.

But I almost forgot to pay while I was playing the last round but said that I've paid the RM1 when Gar Wei asked me. Because of this matter, she was furious at me and confessed that she almost have to pay the RM1 herself. Anyway, I apologised and paid her.

Then, the competition came to the end after I completed my last stint. We started packing up and returned the tables, chairs and notice board back to their original places. While in Block B, I walked around and took down all the letters pasted on walls and other objects. Because of my efforts, I was rewarded. And the organising committee had a post-mortem session right after this while I headed home.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Double Joy for Manchester

Manchester has a double celebration as both United and City have reasons to celebrate. United have won a record 19th Premier League title after a 1-1 draw with Blackburn Rovers. Wayne Rooney scored a penalty to seal the title for United after Blackburn goalkeeper Paul Robinson brought down Javier Hernandez in the penalty box. Meanwhile, City won their first silverware in 35 years when they edged Stoke 1-0 in the FA Cup final, with Yaya Toure netting the winning goal in the 74th minute.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Inhumane Act

I'm referring to the bully case that happened recently. I really pity the victim for being bulied by her classmates. At the same time, the way she's being bullied is totally inconsiderate. How could her friends bully her just like that? Did she do anything wrong or offended them that she deserve such a ordeal?

Certainly, the bully case has caused outrage from many people. The nation wouldn't have come across such a case if the video clip has not been circulated. I am in a total shock upon discovering such an act which I deem as inhumane. How could her friends treat the girl like that? I really don't understand. Perhaps there is conflict between them, but they shouldn't have bullied her.

Now the 4 students is paying the price for what they've done. They all are suspended from school for 14 days. I'm not sure if this is an ideal punishment for them, but I think they ought to be punished even more severely for causing trauma to the victim.

There is a follow-up story saying the students have apologised to the victim for doing such a thing to her. I'm not sure if the girl would be willing to accept their apology, but even if she does, she'll never forget for the rest of her life that they've traumatised her before.

I seriously hope that this would not happen anymore. Speaking the truth, I have never bullied any of my friends before. Neither have I been bullied before.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

听妈妈的话 (Listen to Mother's Words)

It's Mother's Day today. And I discover the lyrics of the song by Taiwanese singer Jay Chou, Ting Ma Ma De Hua (Listen to Mother's Words) is very meaningful indeed.






Monday, May 2, 2011

Sleepless nights

I don't know why I can't sleep well at night during the exam period.

Ever since I return to Kampar after attending the Easter celebration at CGBC Ipoh on 23 April, I've been experiencing insomnia. I couldn't sleep at all, even though I tried persuading myself to go to sleep.

Perhaps I'm a little bit anxious whether I'm able to do well in the final exam. But I was calm and didn't feel nervous at all for the first 2 papers. In fact, I don't know why I could sleep well on the night after I took my first paper but not the rest of the nights.

Due to lack of sleep, I felt tired during the day and wanted to sleep. But I kept reminding myself that I have to keep myself awake and do revision. I prayed hard that I am able to survive the exam period and sleep well after the exam is over.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Goodbye, My Friend

Yes, that's the song chosen by Tan Renjie for the graduating EL Y3S2 batch to sing during the graduation dinner on 15 April at Pakeeza Restaurant Ipoh. Before the dinner, we had several rehearsals to get everyone to be familiar with the song.

No. no, no, no (x2)

Listen little child
There will come one day
When you will be able
Able to say

Never mind the pain
Or the aggravation
You'll know there's a better way
for you and me to be

Look for the rainbow
In every storm
Fly like an angel
Heaven sent to me

Goodbye my friend
(I know you're gone, you said you're gone, but I can still feel you here)
It's not the end
(You gotta keep it strong before the pain turns into fear)
So glad we made it
Time will never change it
No, no, no (No, no, no, no)

Just a little girl
Big imagination
Never letting no one take it away
Went into the world (Into the world)
What a revelation
She found there's a better way
for you and me to be

Look for the rainbow
In every storm
Find out for certain
Love's gonna be there for you
You'll always be someone's baby

Goodbye my friend
(I know you're gone, you said you're gone, but I can still feel you here)
It's not the end
(You gotta keep it strong before the pain turns into fear)
So glad we made it
Time will never change it
No, no, no

No, no, no, no
You know it's time to say goodbye
No, no, no, no

The times when we would play about
The way we used to scream and shout
We'd never dreamt you'd go your own sweet way

Look for the rainbow
In every storm
Find out for certain
Love's gonna be there for you
You'll always be someone's baby

Goodbye my friend
(I know you're gone, you said you're gone, but I can still feel you here)
It's not the end
(You gotta keep it strong before the pain turns into fear)
So glad we made it
Time will never change it
No, no. no (No, no, no, no)

You know it's time to say goodbye
You know it's time to say goodbye
Goodbye my friend....

It was indeed an awesome night. I arrived there at the restaurant at around 6pm that night and saw Jia Ling was outside. She was there for ushering. So I went up to meet my friends. As I got there, Hannah asked me if I've bought any gifts for exchange. Oh crap! I totally forgot abt it. She told me since I didn't bring any, I won't be involved in the gift exchange session later.

I noticed all my friends were well-dressed. Oh, I amde another blunder: I wasn't wearing formal attire for the event. not like the rest. I regretted over it but have no choice but to bear with it since I had no chance to go back to my own house to change.

Soon, all my friends and lecturers invited have arrived. And Soeh Chen and Manmeet were the MCs of the night. First, before the dinner began, Seoh Chen expressed her appreciation by dancing. Wow, very impressive indeed! Later Yin Mun at Chen's invitation performed a song. After that, all the lecturers and my friends were invited for the self-service buffet dinner. There were a lot of dishes served, from the main course to desserts and drinks.

After the makan session, it's time for everyone to sit back and enjoy the night. Eugene, as the course rep, delivered his welcoming speech and acknowledged the lecturers who have taught the class during the 3 years. Later there were 2 song presentations followed: first was a duet of Mei Yun and Yin Mun with the song Shalala and the second was by myself, singing Spice Girls' Stop.

Games followed and later the gift exchange session took place. All my friends received a gift presented by all the lecturers there. I didn't get my share as I didn't brought any. Then it's souvenir presentation to the lecturers. They each received a hand-made photo frame bearing the photo of the whole class clad in traditional constume. Those photo frames were made by NST (Nisha, Subatra and Chen) weeks before the dinner took place.

Then , the moment that everyone has been waiting for: the song presentation by EL Y3S2. As mentioned above, GG and the girls plus me presented the song entitled Goodbye by Spice Girls.The dinner offically drawn to a close with the MCs thanking everyone for attending such a memorable dinner. Later, it's time for taking photos. My classmates took the opportunity to take photos with the lecturers for the last time before everyone parts their own way after graduation.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Not A Good Day

Sigh... things don't really go smoothly for me today.

First, I couldn't sleep the whole night yesterday cos the slides for one of the two presentations are not done yet. I have been worrying about how my group is going to present if the slides are not ready. But then, in the end, my group didn't present as one of my group members didn't turn up.

When I go to school, I park my scooter at the compound in front of Block B and am going to go for class. But then, the venue for PW class is still being used as exam halls for MUET. Eugene ask me to go check for the new venue. I find it out from FAS FGO in Block A and tell him the class is in Block H. Then, I travel there by my scooter.

When I arrive there, I receive message from him, telling me that the venue has changed to DDk3. I was like huh? But without asking further, I proceed to Block D for PW lecture. Oh, we're supposed to do our presentation on the proposal assignment. And lots have been drawn: my group is the first. But, my group has to give way to other groups first cos Monica is not there yet. Only 2 groups manage to present their proposal during the lecture.

Later, my classmates and I have to take the trouble to go back to Block H again for OJ tutorial. As I mention earlier, I'm supposed to present twice today, one for OJ and another for PW. But Eugene informs me that Careena could not make it. So we have no choice but to postpone our presentation to Wednesday. And Ann's group presents its news website The Buzz. Although we didn't get to present, it is a blessing in disguise that we have more time to prepare for our presentation.

Alright, right after Mr Teh's tutorial, all of us have to go back to Block B for Ms Joginder's tutorial. And my group is the first to present while the last presentation is from Ann's group again (they presented twice in a day). Then, after the class, Tan Renjie summons all of us to stay back for a while to practise singing Spice Girls' Goodbye (the song we're going to sing in the graduation dinner in Pakeeza Restaurant Ipoh this Friday). We have a few rounds of rehearsals, singing the song over and over again until Renjie is satisfied with it. She asks if we need a final rehearsal before the dinner and we all agree. So she arranges for the final song practice to be held right after the OJ lecture and dismisses everyone.

And before we enter into the classroom, something bad happens. It's my shoe! The sole to one of my leather shoes worn out (above). Actually, I've been sensing something's wrong with my shoes today. And when I check, I had a shock to find that the shoe is not in good condition. I am like daunted cos I wore the same pair of shoes for my previous presentation and they are still in good condition. What really struck me is how the base of the left shoe (the top one) can become koyak within a few weeks. Seriously, I need a brand new pair of leather shoes.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Farewell, Yu Shia!

Yu Shia, it is my pleasure to get to know u. I've forgotten how we met for the first time but I'm pretty sure I met u in Campus Connect. I remembered all the fun time we had together with other Connectors.

Remember this photo? I know that u mentioned that u are very short compared to me. But to me, your height is quite okay and almost equal to the normal heights of other girls.

I'm sure u would remember this cupcake as well. I paired up with u to design this cupcake during a competition in Campus Connect's Celebration for Love. Though we didn't win, I enjoyed working together to produce such a wonderful cupcake.

And the two photos (above and below) were taken during your farewell dinner at Face to Face Noodle Shop. There, we had a great fellowship together with the rest. Pei Lee even bought u a lovely farewell gift and asked us to write our wishes to u in a card. I hope that u've read the card by now. And u even enlarged Pei Lee's face in the above photo in recognition for her willingness to snap the photo below.

But now, u're leaving Campus Connect to pursue your dream. I know today's the day where u're supposed to report yourself at the institution where u're going to do nursing. I sincerely wish u all the best during the duration of 9 years including working years. May God be with u all the time in anything u do and anywhere u go.

Though I will not be seeing u for a long time, I hope that u'll still remember me and the rest. I hope that we'll be able to meet again one day. May our friendship lasts forever! Take care!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Common People for Extraordinary Things

"God uses common people to do uncommon things."

This above sentence really struck me as yesterday was the final discussion session for Outlive Your Life in Campus Connect CG. It is true that God uses common people to achieve extraordinary things. From the video shown last night, God uses two commoners to change the lives of the other. One is Patricia who donated one of kidneys to another woman named Marla. Another is Brian, a basketball coach who helps and inspire his players to play well.

One very fine example from the Bible is David. He was just a small shepherd boy. He volunteered himself to fight the 9-foot tall giant Goliath when no one dared to approach the giant. And he defeated the giant with just a sling and a stone. He even used Goliath's sword and cut his head off.

Another example that I can think of is Firestar from Warriors novel series by Erin Hunter. From an ordinary cat, Rusty was transformed into Firestar, a leader of ThunderClan. He has been serving his Clan well as a warrior and then took over the leadership from Bluestar.

"Rusty was originally a kittypet (house cat) who has been wondered what's beyond his garden. So one fine day, he had the boldness to step into the woods. He got into a fight with another cat Graypaw who was an apprentice.

Soon, a few more cats appeared and it turned out to be ThunderClan leader Bluestar and Graypaw's mentor Lionheart. Bluestar was amazed by Rusty's skills and praised Rusty for his brave deeds. She even invited him to join her Clan as ThunderClan was desperate of needing more warriors to fend the Clan from other Clans - RiverClan, ShadowClan and WindClan.

Rusty agreed and the next day Lionheart and Runningwind came to escort him back to the Clan. But as soon as the other cats discovered that Rusty was of kittypet origin, some of them tormented him. Longtail was one of them who fought with Rusty but the kittypet managed to give him a good fight.

And Rusty's collar broke during the fight, signalling approval from StarClan that Rusty can join ThunderClan. Bluestar gave him his apprentice name Firepaw in honour of his glowing pelt when sunlight shone on him.

Firepaw became close friends with Graypaw and they were always together. But two other apprentices, Dustpaw and Sandpaw, disliked Firepaw because of his origin. And Firepaw was involved in romance when he fell in love with the Clan medicine cat Spottedleaf, a slender tortoiseshell she-cat.

And before Firepaw's arrival, Spottedleaf has received a message from StarClan: "Fire will save the Clan". But Bluestar doubted the prophecy by saying that all the Clans were afraid of fire and how fire can save ThunderClan. Spottedleaf was unsure but she said that it was the message StarClan chose to share with her.

But unfortunately, Spottedleaf encountered an untimely death. She was killed by ShadowClan warrior Clawface while defending the apprentice den. And Frostfur's kits and Yellowfang went missing at the same time. Firepaw and Graypaw went and managed to find Yellowfang who went to find the kits once she noticed they were missing and didn't know Spottedleaf was slain.

Soon, Firepaw, Graypaw and Yellowfang returned and Yellowfang replaced Spottedleaf as the medicine cat. Firepaw and Graypaw fought well in a battle and received their warrior names, Fireheart and Graystripe, at the end of Into the Wild.

The duo was assigned their first mission as warriors--to find WindClan and bring the Clan back into the forest. They succeeded in their mission and Fireheart became friends with Onewhisker. Fireheart was appointed as ThunderClan deputy after the death of Lionheart and Redtail. Fireheart himself was surprised by Bluestar's choice of her deputy and pledged to serve her and the Clan well. He was of great assistance to her, carrying out his duties as the deputy.

Fireheart didn't realise that Sandstorm (previously Sandpaw) fell in love with her until his former apprentice Cinderpelt told him. Sandstorm was thankful that Fireheart has saved her from falling off a cliff and developed a romantic interest on the former kittypet.

When Bluestar discovered that WindClan has been stealing prey from ThunderClan territories, she lost faith in her own Clan and treated them as traitors. And she only trusted her deputy. Furthermore, she even declared war with StarClan which she claimed that StarClan has abandoned her Clan. She even prepared to launch an attack on WindClan. But Fireheart realised that this was a fight which was not supposed to happen. Without her knowledge, he went to see WindClan leader Tallstar, asking him to persuade Bluestar. Tallstar did what he requested and the fight was called off.

Bluestar was furious that her deputy intervened with her plans. And she's further livid that Tigerclaw has been plotting to kill her so that he could take over. Tigerclaw sent a dog pack to destroy ThunderClan, but Fireheart was aware about his plans when he noticed a trail of killed rabbits lying in the way leading to ThunderClan. Fireheart brought along a few warriors to divert the dog pack. And out of the sudden, Bluestar appeared and led the pack into a gorge. She sacrificed herself in the process. Bluestar managed to see the truth that Fireheart was the fire that will save ThunderClan and has confidence that Fireheart will lead the Clan well.

Soon after Bluestar's death, Fireheart made a trip to the Moonstone to receive his nine lives and leader's name. He was accompanied by ThunderClan medicine cat during the journey. His old life was stripped away and nine chosen cats came to give him his nine lives, namely Lionheart, Redtail, Sliverstream, Runningwind, Brindleface, Swiftpaw, Yellowfang, Spottedleaf and Bluestar. And Bluestar gave him his new name, Firestar. He was officially a leader.

After he became leader, Firestar has been leading the Clan well and not only that, he even brought all the four Clans to another new place as the forest was being destroyed. They moved to the area surrounding a large lake. And it was Leafpool whom spotted the lake, indicating that the Clans would be residing in the area around the lake."

Impressive, eh? But that's the truth: God can use any commoners to fulfill/achieve extraordinary things. Nick Vujicic was born without limbs and yet he has been inspiring others. I am just an ordinary person too. I'm not sure whether God would use me to achieve greater things in life, but I believe He will.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

CF Easter Celebration 2011: Are You Still Waiting?

Are you still waiting? That's a very good question!

That was the theme that Wendy Lee (the organsing chairperson) chose for the Easter Celebration Night held at IDK8 yesterday. A lot of people turned up for the event.

I went there at around 7.30pm after dinner. As I offered myself to do the ushering, I needed to be there one hour earlier. So my duty was to welcome those who came for the event and directed them to the registration counter handled by Carlie and Melody Hor. Of course, I have several helpers with me.

It was very quiet in the beginning as no one was seen around the area. But I carried on with my ushering. I guessed most of the people were still having dinner and probably they will arrive around 8.30pm. Some people turned up early and registered themselves first. But they were told that they will only be allowed to enter at 8.30pm. So some of them went somewhere else instead of waiting aimlessly there.

Approaching 8.30pm, as expected, more and more people came for the event. My friend Ms Elizabeth Lee, a lecturer at FBF faculty, came and dropped by for the event after she finished her class at around 8pm. At 8.30pm sharp, the participants were seen rushing into the lecture hall.

The event was chaired by two lovely girls Melody Leong and Gan Ziyin. They welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming. Then, they passed the time to Wendy to lead in worship. She only chose one song (Who Am I) for this event.

Then it's back to the MCs. Without wasting much time, they handed the stage to the drama team. Ada Yeoh was the director while Shu Jian narrated the story. And the plot was based on the story of the prodigal son found in the Bible.

The story began with a man (Steven Lew) in a wheelchair waiting every day at the window, wishing that his son would return to his side. His children came in and asked if he's still waiting for him. He replied yes and the eldest son Matthew (Roy Ong) commented about what his younger brother Max has done to the family. But the man still treat Max as his son.

The scene changed to a flashback of 10 years ago. Matthew was having a meal with his father when Max (Kelvin Wong) returned with injuries and bruises on his body. Matthew commented that it must be from some "stupid gang fights". Max begged his father to give him money as he was in debts again, owing them $20000. Max even said that his father would share half of his money when he's older. But Matthew strongly objected, saying that he's still behaving as a brat. But in the end, their father had no choice but to give in to Max's request. He wrote him a cheque with a large sum of money.

The next day, Max quickly disappeared from home. He squandered all his wealth into gambling, clubbing and even drugs. And soon he has spent all his money, but he needed more money to buy more drugs for himself. He made a return home.

While back at home, Max desperately search for money in the house. His sister and father noticed him and tried to stop him. They even grabbed him tight but Max struggled to break free from them. When they refused to let him go, Max grabbed a stick and hit his father until he broke one of his legs. He managed to escape.

Max has a little money with him. His friends who used to hang out with him soon left him one by one. Max became a lonely person and soon lived a poor life. He languished around the streets and even got his food from rubbish bins. Poor Max! He also experienced some kind of hallucination because he was too high from taking esctasy pills. Soon, his imagination vanished and he pointed to the sky and said "it's all your fault".

Two police officers who were on patrol finally tracked him and brought him to the police station. Max was sentenced to two years' imprisonment and sent to rehab centre after his jail sentence. Max suffered a lot and he was in desperate need of drugs. And there's one scene where demons came to taunt him. But Max remembered what his father always told about the Heavenly Father and cried out to God asking Him to save him from all the troubles he got himself into. He even promised that he will do good and spread the gospel.

Max was getting much better but soon he has forgotten his promise. And one fine day, he got to know that a pastor (Jensen) came to conduct Bible study and decided to check it out. When he got there, the pastor noticed him and asked him to join in. Max was reluctant at first but the pastor persuaded him to come.

Since then, he has been attending Bible studies. And one day he decided to consult the pastor. The pastor confessed that he was just like Max too at one point. But God saved his life and the pastor believed God will save Max too.

And soon Max was finally freed from the rehab centre. He wanted to get home to see his father but was hesitated to return home. He regretted all his past actions and feared that his family wouldn't forgive him. Anyway, he decided to go home.

Back at home, his father was still waiting for his son's return as usual. And suddenly he saw someone familiar and asked, "Max? Is that u?" Max was standing at a very far distance but he rushed to his father's side. But he was shocked that his father was sitting on a wheel chair and asked why. But the man replied that "it doesn't matter and the good thing is that u're finally came back, Max". Max asked for forgiveness from his father but his father has already forgiven. Max wondered "how could this be? After all that I done to u, u forgive me just like that?"

Max's father said he always told Max bedtime stories where he mentioned about Jesus Christ dies on the cross and forgives all those people who has sinned. In the end, the man sang the song So You Would Come and the rest of the cast soon joined him in singing the song, while Max continued crying. The drama came to an end with Steven getting up from the wheelchair and he bowed together with the drama team. Well done, peeps! U all did a splendid job!

Actually the whole drama was recorded and uploaded to YouTube by tyshu.

Then, Ziyin was back again and she introduced the speaker for the night and welcomed Pastor Nicky Ling of Praise Community Centre to share his sermon. Pastor Nicky has nothing much to share and he showed a video of who God really is. Then he received a token of appreciation from Mr Andrew, CF co-advisor. Oh, another advisor Bro Marn Foo was there too but not Mr & Mrs K. Then there was a dance performance by some of the dancers.

Then several annoucements were made by the MCs before refreshment time. All the students and lecturers were mingling around and chatting with one another while enjoying the sandwiches, hot dogs and the drinks. Crazy photo sessions even took place mostly outside the lecture hall while some photos were taken in IDK8. Several EL students were seen interviewing some people for their newspaper assignment. For more photos of this event, pls refer to the following albums by CF Kampar: Easter Celebration part 1 and part 2.

I was touched while watching the drama. I almost cried but managed to hold back my tears. The drama reminded me of the Easter drama which I was involved in Campus Connect 2 years ago. The storyline of the drama was exactly the same one from the Bible and slightly more simpler than the one mentioned above. I was taking up the role as the elder son to a rich tycoon (Richard) in Kampar that sells min bao kai (a famous delicacy in Kampar) while Eugene was the younger son. Shirley Lee was the narrator.

That's all I have to say about the CF Easter Celebration.